Reaching Tribes With The Gospel

Some of Agora’s strategic partners in Asia must remain anonymous, but we are engaged in key mobilization work in this Buddhist/Tribal/Communist region where 86% of the people have never even met a follower of Jesus.


1) In Vietnam and Laos, most of the 100+ tribes remain without a Gospel witness. Because of the sensitive nature of our partnerships there, we cannot go into detail on the scope of the work. Suffice it to say, our strategy remains the same – reaching and training the next generation through partner outreach, and empowering tribal groups that have the Gospel to reach those around them that do not… yet, until the church is established on the soil and in every language and culture.


2) A growing partnership with Change the Map focuses on mobilizing personnel and prayer for the Buddhist world. Randy sits on their Board of Advisors, represents them stateside at key events, and mobilizes short and long-term teams to the region. Check out their website at
Inhabitants in Vietnam
Unreached People Groups
Less than 2% Evangelical


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